“95 Wearing make to order every kind of customer needs. Another brand clothing production with people whispered and said later the most. In both parts of the production of uniform that big company are in line order long put strength. And clothing brand as are available in stores in both Thai and neighboring countries. ”
“We started as a clothing manufacturer to discount stores, which have all formed a customer orders the ชุดสภาพ men. New Ladies polo shirt “T-shirt” T-shirt “shirt, as there 10 over the years. Then turn itself produced clothing brand make to order which at first, customers simply 2 cases. But after we work a lot of them send customers with quality of fair value attributed to specialize in the clothes that we experience. The potential customer to tell until our company grow up gradually. Until now we have clients in both parts of the company. In order to produce uniform in various forms. And owner clothing orders clothing under the brand of their own to sell. ” For the current market, the 9 5 wearing emphasizing the market 3 main channel, including into customers. Customers word of mouth and online channel. In both parts of the site and the fan page on Facebook. Each month has a capacity of at 25 000 -,, 30 000. Estimated average business not less than the main 6 per month. “Highlights that we get the trust of customers is we have a responsibility, plans must be according to the date sold sincerely. We never have a bad feeling about customers even if customers are fussy, how we look that all customers is important. Whether to order more or less. We care are equal. Here we focus on the following details of the work. We work according to quality is important. To give customers the smile and the impression “. Follow us on The Rich read and rich ideas, build a business SME winged version 18 June 2559 28 functions.
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